17 December 2017


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Religious Teachings ~ Paul Selig ~ 16 December 2017

I had the opportunity to read Paul Selig's "Book of Truth" because I was invited to review it, and although I was somewhat familiar with his work prior to that, his latest book took me by surprise. The scope and context of the teachings differed in many ways from his previous work, and in my opinion, took a direction that I felt was a welcome development.

Source: Empath 1111

Now we will not tell you the religious teaching is always productive. But we understand the merit that may lie at the heart of it all. And at the heart of all true religion is one simple idea, that you are not separate from your Source, and the systems of behavior that have been aligned in doctrine in all religions throughout time were perhaps initially presented as ways for you to learn to stay on the narrow road to the summit of truth that the religion said it would grant you.

But here is what happened. In all religion, the personal investments, the ones who decided what books should stay in, what teachings should be left out, where you should pray, and when you do it, were deciding either in self-interest or out of the fear that if the religion was not protected in a certain way it would not survive. So there were practices born out of necessity at different times in history of a religion that may no longer be true to the requirements of man today.

But we will promise you this. In the teaching of truth that we are granting you now, even your relationship to religion may be understood in a truthful way. We do not damn them, nor do we sing their praises. We comprehend them as ways of learning to a known system of ideals that were prescribed by men- some highly inspired perhaps- at different times on the history of this plane. But as we have said, truth is always true, and the particle of truth that is inherent in a religion may be discovered and the whole system may in fact be understood in a new way.

Paul Selig - The Book of Truth
A Channeled text

The New Beginning on the Horizon ~ Cosmic Agent ~ 17 December 2017

Your shadow is nothing more than the part of you that is unconscious and therefore hidden from your awareness. The unconscious is filled with all kinds of things that you have judged as "unacceptable" about you. And shadow work is nothing more than the art of making the unconscious, conscious and the unacceptable, acceptable.

Source: Cosmic Agent

These are very testing times and difficult for most people  because you are being challenged physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually many lightworkers are being attacked by dark energy weapons. Times such as now you are meant to dive more deep into yourself and find the answers and tranquility otherwise you will get taken over by the chaos around you. Extreme Chaos is the result of major changes happening on the planet on multiple levels.The energies coming on the planet now are very intense and this  is bringing all the unhealed aspects of everyone to the surface so all your fears- wounds-traumas are fully exposed and everyone has to face their shadow aspects.

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The Rainbow Light Portal (Silver Solstice Series: Part Seven) & PDF Transcript of The Nine's "Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two-World Split" ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 16 December 2017

Magenta Pixie continues with her marathon analysis of The Nine's latest message, and provides the link to its transcript.

Please listen to Magenta's explanations here.

You can find the pdf of Magenta Pixie's "Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two-World Split" at the following link:

Minor Storm Observed (and Felt)

Detachment ~ Ali ibn Abi Talib

Detachment does not mean you should own nothing. It means that nothing should own you.
Ali ibn abi Talib

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Detachment is one of the concepts that seems to trip people up, often interpreted to mean something isolated, ascetic or even complicated, when the deeper meaning is so much more wholistic and profound.

On-Going Meditations for Today

It's Sunday, and I'll do my usual "on-going meditations" post. There is a list compiled by We Love Mass Meditations that you can check for the respective schedules.

Also, today is the start of the 9-day Multidimensional Portal Meditation for the Solstice Window. It would be good if we could focus on that, too.

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Message from Matthew ~ via Suzy Ward ~ 16 December 2017

This message contains some controversial information about Pope Francis that will not agree with many. Notwithstanding this, Matthew Ward covers a couple more topics that I feel are helpful during these current times, where much darkness is being brought to the surface.

Source: Matthew's Messages

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Each year during your season of holy days, the boundless goodness in your world is reflected in the sharing by those who have, with those who have not. Generosity, caring and compassion impart light in abundance, and in these days at hand Earth is aglow as never before.     

In previous messages we have said that your year 2017 ends the decade of delay in Earth’s peoples advancing spiritually and consciously because some souls reneged on their agreement to join the light forces after creating the circumstances that let masses of souls experience chosen karma. Now we shall put that into the context of what has happened to date and what is forthcoming.

Very few individuals were enlightened when Earth still was mired in deep third density only 80-some years ago. The profusion of light from other civilizations that enabled the planet to begin ascending was available to all of her residents, and volunteers came from their homelands to generate light as members of the society. Persons who responded by awakening started radiating their own light, and the increasing amount on the planet kept stirring others to open their hearts and minds. And so it was that throughout the decades the numbers of enlightened souls slowly, steadily grew. Henceforth, the numbers will swiftly increase until the light swells into a “love revolution” that encircles the globe and Earth’s Golden Age can begin to bloom in glorious fullness. 

A recent email evoked the thought that other lightworkers also may be pondering this: “I truly want to be a good lightworker, but I can’t send love or light to people who brutally treat other people and animals. Please don’t tell me, ‘They’re the ones in our universal family who need it most.’ I know that. I don’t know how to separate who they ARE from what they DO. Is love in a metaphysical or spiritual sense different from the love that is natural to feel for family and friends?” In a sense it can be, but love, which is attributed to spirit, and light, which is attributed to science, are one and the same energy so there is no actual difference.

However, while energy cannot be divided into “light” and “love” compartments, it can be expressed both ways and experienced both ways. Most simply stated, light is experienced as visual illumination and love is experienced as the feelings of persons who are dear to each other, but other facets enter into this. Energy is cosmic consciousness that continuously is drawing in what every soul in existence does. Energy is neutral; each streamer is given direction by the intention attached in thoughts and feelings—when the intention is visual illumination, your sense of vision perceives light provided by Sol or electrical lighting fixtures; when the intention is love, that sensation is provided and actions based in love follow naturally. The universal law of attraction brings back more of whatever intention is sent forth in energy streamers. And, love is light within radiating its god-self, the pure love-light essence of Creator, and the amount radiated is in accordance with the amount of light within the soul.   
The dark ones became lost in internal darkness, they are devoid of light within except the spark that is their life force. The intentions attached to their thoughts and feelings come from that deep void, and the darkness they send forth keeps coming back to them. Only light can fill the void and engender actions created in love. It is on behalf of all life on Earth that we have urged you to send love-light to those individuals—by transmuting the low vibrations of darkness into love’s high vibrations, darkness is done away.

Shortly after my mother and I started conversing, she told me she couldn’t separate her thoughts about people who caused terrible suffering from her feelings about them. We hope that what I told her will be helpful to the reader and others who may feel the same.

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